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Psy-chevrusa is an open monthly study group focused on psychedelics and judaism

Join a monthly virtual learning event co-hosted by Madison Margolin and Pinni Baumol.

Every jewish new month we will explore the intersection of Judaism and psychedelics and dive into the spiritual, cultural, and historical connections between these two worlds, and their shared potential for healing and transformation.

Pinni Baumol is a Psychedelic Social Worker promoting community harm reduction & integration, accessability to psychedelic-assisted therapy, drug policy change, & education in Israel and globally.

Madison Margolin is an author and journalist covering Judaism and psychedelics. She’s a contributing editor at Ayin Press and Lucid News, hosts the Set & Setting podcast on the Be Here Now Network, and is the cofounder of the Jewish Psychedelic Summit and DoubleBlind.

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