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Projects i'm involved in

in the windows below there are various projects i am associated with. please follow the button to visit the various projects websites and learn more.


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ACPT - access center for psychedelic therapy

An israeli non-profit i co-founded to promote mental health and wellbeing through increased access to safe and legal psychedelic therapy options and therapeutic services. The Access Center for Psychedelic Therapy & Treatment (ACPT) is an Israeli non-profit organization dedicated to promoting mental health and well-being through increased access to safe and legal psychedelic therapy options and therapeutic services.


Keter KAP clinic

Keter is Jerusalem's first Mental Health Clinic offering Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. i co-founded this clinic to offer safe, legal, and high-quality psychedelic therapy to the residents of Jerusalem and beyond. ​We specialize in the treatment of depression, PTSD, anxiety, chronic pain, and end-of-life issues. Our team of experienced and compassionate therapists, in collaboration with medical professionals, provide personalized treatment plans to meet each patient's unique needs. ​At Keter, we believe that Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy has the potential to transform people's lives. Our goal is to help our patients heal and reach their full potential. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you on your journey to wellness.


Medabrim psychedelia

Medabrim Psychedelia is Israel's largest online psychedelic community, boasting a Facebook group with a strong membership of 20,000 individuals. As a moderator within this group, my role is to foster open and honest discussions about psychedelics in Israel, while also providing information about events, conferences, and opportunities for community integration.

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Oxygen harm reduction education

Hamzan or Oxygen is involved in various aspects of the psychoactive substances field. Officially founded this year, the association brings together individuals and organizations from many fields, such as therapy, research, harm reduction ,policy change, media,culture and business. Together we work to make the israeli psychedelic space safer, wiser, and better co-ordinated in achieving common goals. We are currently building a website and YouTube channel making up-to-date reliable knowledge in Hebrew widley accessible, working to change policy regarding test kits, creating social lobby efforts in the Knesset. We support a variety of psychedelic events, including conferences, spaces for integration and international collaboration.

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Shaare Nefesh

Shaare Nefesh is israel's first Public resilience center for treatment of Trauma and PTSD using Ketamine assisted psychotherapy. The clinic is under Shaare Zedek medical center and supported by the Jerusalem Foundation, and located in Kerusalem.


#TYPM thank you plant medicine

The Thank You Plant Medicine Movement is a diverse global collective of individuals, groups and organizations united by a deep gratitude and appreciation for psychoactive plant medicines and psychedelics.
On February 20th we celebrate our healing and positive transformation by sharing our personal healing stories and creating an online wave of gratitude using the hashtag #thankyouplantmedicine. We also create celebratory gatherings and events where we share the beauty of our experiences.


Israeli Drug committee research team

As part of the israeli goverments efforts to address harm reduction in raves i joined the research team in 2018. since then we have publishe several peices both academic and regulatory recomendations. our research was titled "Substance use, harm reduction attitudes and behaviors among attendees of nature rave parties in Israel" and will hopefuly serve in formulating better policy in this field



Psy-chevrusa is an open monthly study group focused on psychedelics and judaism

Join a monthly virtual learning event co-hosted by Madison Margolin and Pinni Baumol.

Every jewish new month we will explore the intersection of Judaism and psychedelics and dive into the spiritual, cultural, and historical connections between these two worlds, and their shared potential for healing and transformation.

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Psychedelic society

​The Israeli Psychedelic society was an attempt to create a non profit alliance of organizations, bodies and individuals involved in various aspects of the psychedelic substances field.

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