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My name is Pinni Baumol, I'm a Social worker focused on Drug policy, Harm Reduction, and Psychedelic assisted therapy and Integration.
Founder of OXYGEN - harm reduction and education,
and Chairman of ACPT- the access center for psychedelic therapy.
Co-founder of Keter- jerusalem's first private ketamine assented therapy clinic, and work in Shaare Nefesh resilience center.

I also assist in Personal and group Psychedelic Integration processes 

I am a member of #Thank you plant medicine leadership team, SSDP, and former Co-Founder of the Israeli Psychedelic society.

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Areas of Expertise

Psychedelic Assisting Therapist & Counsellor 

following my studies as a social worker and several years of supervising and supporting psychedelic therapists in peer supervision and integration circles, have recently trained in KAP- ketamine assisted psychotherapy under Dr. philip wolfson, and co-founded Jerusalem's first ketamine clinic - Keter

Harm Reduction

Harm reduction is a key component in my beliefs and skill set. as a social worker, a drug policy advocate and researcher in the israeli parliament's drug committee research team, and as a therapist. I also volunteer in safe spaces in diffrent orginizations and events in israel as well promote harm reduction education through a platform i have built for the past few years- Oxygen or Hamtzan in hebrew.

Psychedelic Integration

integration is another main peice of the work i do. as the "long trip" which starts immediatly after the "short" or actual psychedelic trip, integration is often the diffrence between a powerful trip and a transformative, empowering life changing event. i have been a coach and host for private and group integration processses for the past few years. during covid,as a member of #TYPM - thank you plant medicine leadership, i focused on creating online integration spaces, peer-training and panels.​

Why Im Here

Over the past few years I have been involved in psychedelic therapy, research and activism, over various platforms, as a psychedelics policy advocate, social worker, safe zone volunteer, integration guide and group facilitator. 

As a trained and registered therapist, as well as a social worker focused on policy change and community organization, I seek, create and hold spaces to bring together deep respect and gratitude to these healing process, scientific perspective, and compassionate mental healthcare.

I’m fluent in English and Hebrew, with extensive experience with plant medicine and psychedelics, both personally and professionally.

Personally I am in a process of healing and learning for the past ten years or so. I combine various traditions, forms of meditation, therapy, group work, music and creativity in these processes. 

I believe that I have the required knowledge, compassion and respect in order to help others tackle their issues and integrate their inner journey.

My Approach

Published work:

Attitudes and views regarding law enforcement activity at large outdoor raves in Israel: a cross-sectional survey - Policing and Society 

research i published about harm reduction in israeli raves

Substance use, harm reduction attitudes and behaviors among attendees of nature rave parties in Israel - Poster


research i published


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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