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Pinni Baumol

Psychedelic Social Worker & Entrepreneur

Promoting community Harm reduction and Integration, Psychedelic assisted therapy, Drug policy change and Harm Reduction Education, in Israel and globally.

Areas of Expertise

Psychedelic Social Worker, Psychedelic Integration, Psychedelic Consultation & Harm Reduction Expert

My name is Pinni Baumol, I'm a Social worker focused on Drug policy, Harm Reduction, and psychedelic Integration.

I also assist in Personal and group Psychedelic Integration processes 

I am a former member of #Thank you plant medicine leadership team, SSDP, former Co-Founder of the Israeli Psychedelic society, and founder of OXYGEN- harm reduction and education. currently i am chairman for an israeli non-profit focused on psychedelic therapy accessibility called ACPT- access center for psychedelic therapy, and Co-founder of jerusalem's first Ketamine assisted therapy clinic called Keter. ​​


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